Can I Split Likes Over Multiple Posts?

Yes, but each post must have a minimum of 50 likes allocated to it. If you don’t send instructions for splitting likes on the order form or your instructions don’t match the minimum requirement then the likes will be sent to your most recent post or a post of our choice.

Do You Sell More Likes?

We do offer larger amounts of likes if you want but you will have to contact us to set up a custom package.

How Can I Purchase These Services?

All you have to do is decide on the amount you want with the packages we offer above and click on the “Add To Cart” button and then proceed to the checkout. Make sure you supply a link to the post(s) you want the likes to be delivered to and that your profile is set to public so it is visible by everyone. If you just supply a link to your IG profile and not to a specific post then we will decide how to send or split the likes over your post(s).

Do You Need Any Information From Me?

Just a link to the post(s) you want the service to be delivered to. We don’t need your password and we will never ask you for it under any circumstances.

How Long Will My Order Take To Be Delivered?

This is entirely dependant on the amount that you have purchased and the speed of your bank and our payment provider communicating. Your order does not get registered on our system until your payment clears to our account so we can’t start performing your service until that happens. Larger amounts can take longer to deliver and Instagram also needs to officially register them on their end. Once we send them we have no control over the speed of delivery and how long they will take to appear on your posts. We also only process orders during our business hours and after your payment has fully cleared on our end. The majority of all orders will be entered into the system within 24-hours but delivery times will vary on an individual order basis.