Our Service

What We Serve You With Our Expertise ?

We provide great digital marketing services at The Socialatic, from influencer marketing campaign development to talent management, as well as social media and native ad management.

We build a personalized and optimum approach for your brand based on your company’s goals. Influencer identification, KPI setup, genuine and native storytelling, management, contracts, and extensive reporting and analytics are all part of this process.

Our Major Working Aria



Influencer’s Types Which we have for your brand campaigning.

Only matchmaking influencers should be hired by any company or brand. We only work with influencers that share your brand’s values.

  • Fashion Influencers
  • Beauty Influencers
  • Skincare Influencers
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Lifestyle Influencers
  • Food Influencers
  • Mom Influencers

What we do for brands ?

We can do following thigs so that they can get best ROI & results on their investment’s.

  • Strategy Development
  • Influencer Curation
  • Influencer Validation
  • Influencer Negotiation
  • Influencer Presentation
  • Influencer Contracting
  • Schedule Control
  • Content Auditing

Our Ideation & Promises’.

In order to establish market longevity, you must connect with your target consumer on an emotional and psychological level. Modern customers are drawn to companies with whom they have a genuine relationship. Sensory-driven tactics attempt to establish good connections and long-term customer relationships by immersing your audience in your brand.

We form and cultivate these relationships at Socialatic by providing immersive experiences that engage your target demographic and develop favorable connotations with your business (next-level loyalty). From concept to execution, our team of experiential strategists create campaigns that connect with your target demographic and leverage influencers to generate engagement.

Brand promo & events.

What kind of activites done by us on site your brand promo event.  Strategy Conceptualization, Planning & Reservations, Itinerary Management, All-Inclusive Pricing and What-If Scenerios (Plan B).

  • Photo Shoots
  • Travel Experiences
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Guest Appearances
  • Festival Promotions
  • Tradeshow Popups
  • Grand Opening Events